Hair Care


 Here are just a few tips on daily hair care to keep your Brazilian Virgin extensions healthy, manageable, and reusable. 

Before installing your bundles I strongly suggest that you shampoo them 2x, condition 1x for the best results.  While rinsing the conditioner use warm water; rinse until there are no suds left.  It is very important to remove all of the conditioner, it is one of the most important steps!  If you do not rinse it well, any residue or traces of product left in the hair will result in STIFF and DULL hair. You definetly do not want that!

Let your bundles air dry, hang or lay flat to dry. 

*Use sulfate FREE shampoo and conditioner  (Products that contain sulfate are very damaging and extremely drying to the hair.)

 *Use a shampoo with light oils such as "Argan oil"  "Moroccan oil"  "Keratin oil"

 *Treat this hair like your own hair. Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products.  Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it in a healthy state. Wash once a week is recommended

*AVOID using heavy oils 


Deepwave" Texture

  For best Results: Co-wash  (Deepwave) texture with cool water. Co-washing is a method to wash hair without using shampoo and washing with conditioner.  When co-washing your hair you should use a cleansing conditioner to wash the hair.  Rinse the hair with cool water.  Lay it flat to air dry and then install.  This method will keep the curl pattern nice and tight.  Hot or warm water will loosen the curl pattern.


  Coloring Tips: If you are not familiar with coloring hair please take extensions to a professional colorist!!  Silhouette Luxx Extensions is GREAT INVESTMENT, you don't want to ruin the hair by over processing It with bleach and dyes. Always let a licensed professional color your bundles!  Even if it as simple as applying a black semi-permanent rinse. Don't do it yourself. 

Want your hair Jet black?  Use Just 5 (natural jet black).  This can be found at your local Beauty Supply Store, Sallys, or Amazon.


    We are not responsible for any stylist trying to custom color or dye your virgin hair.  We understand that everyone is not a colorist or a specialist at coloring hair extensions that's why we take care of the hassle for you with our custom coloring services. 

Once again, Thank You for the support and we look forward to providing  you with the BEST HAIR EXTENSIONS on your next purchase!