Q. What is Silhouette Luxx Extensions? 


Silhouette Luxx Extensions is a brandname based out of Beaumont, Texas foundered  by hairstylist, Lakisha Cormier . Offer the highest quality Human Hair Extensions.  Silhouette Luxx Extensions is 100% Brazilian Virgin Human Hair.  It is silky, soft, thick, and has a long life span.  Our extensions DOES NOT consist of any fibers, animal hair, nor chemicals while being constructed.  Each Individual piece come from a separate donor. Our hair is inspected to insure cuticles are intact and constructed to our expectations.


Q. Does the hair shed?

 VERY MINIMUM shedding meaning (the hair will be never have a noticeable or drastic decrease in its density or volume). Any hair that has been manufacture to be stitched on a weft is entitled to experience minimum shedding which is absolutely normal. After the second shampooing there should not be any shedding. Heat damage, over processing or lack of moisture and conditioner will cause shedding, so be sure to apply heat protectant before thermal use. We suggest letting a  licensed professional color your extensions and shampoo & condition once a week.


Q. Does the Hair Tangle?

Initially it does not to tangle. The hair will begin to tangle due to dryness or build up. Revert to Hair care Tips if you experience dryness or build up.



Q. How many much does each bundle weigh?

Each bundle is weighed at 90-100 grams which is equivalent to 3.1-3.5 oz.        The bundles vary in weight, two bundles of the same inch could be different in weft lengths.


Q. How long does Brazilian hair last?

With proper care and maintenance Silhouette Luxx Extensions can be reused and reinstalled from 2 years to 3+ years. It is inevitable that some of the Hair will get cut when your beautician styles the hair. o when it's time to reinstall the hair we suggest you purchase one new bundle to add in; to take place of the shorter pieces you wont be able to reuse such as cut bangs or short layers. (Optional)


Q. How often can I wash my Brazilian Hair?

You Can wash your Brazilian Hair as often as you like. I suggest you cleanse the hair once a week with sulfate free products to keep the hair silky, nourished, soft and manageable. Avoid using tea tree and mint shampoos as they can cause your extensions to matte when shampooing. Try to use products designed to detangle and moisturize, smooth, shine and protect against split ends.


Q. Can I blow dry my Brazilian extensions?

 Yes you can blow dry your Brazilian extensions but it isn't the Best thing to do for the longevity of the hair. As we all know applying a lot of heat can not only damage your natural hair. You want to limit the amount of heat you apply to your extensions.  The preferred method for drying Brazilian hair is to let it Air dry or sit under an over head dyer. In cases where you may not have enough time to let it hair dry. Blow dry until it is damp and then finish blow drying the hair completely on cool setting. 


Q. Should I seal my wefts?

Sealing wefts are optional, not mandatory. We maintain a very high level of quality assurance and our wefts are doubled stitched to minimize shedding little to none. 



Q. How long after I purchase, will I receive a tracking number?

 You will normally receive a tracking number 3-4 business days (excluding weekends) after your purchase, unless you choose expedited shipping.  When your label is printed; tracking is automatically sent to your email via paypal, then you will be sent the same tracking number via Shopify when the package has been taken to the post office. All Packages are shipped through usps. If your tracking number does not show any tracking updates within 72 hours after you've been sent tracking.  Please contact us through through email silhouetteluxxextensions@gmail.com please include your name and order number.


* I hope this page was very helpful. If you have a question that hasn't been answered please submit them to silhouetteluxxextensions@gmail.com